THRILLER - Michael Jackson, 1982 (MJJ Productions Inc.) - PARTE 1

Thriller girl 2008 (Four year old dancing/imitating the michael jackson Thriller video. She just kept watching it over and over again. When I saw her doing it I had to record it!...I decided to make a video of her so she could watch herself dancing and acting out the thriller video ;) )

3 Year Old Toddler Girl Dance Moves With Style to Michael Jackson Thriller

My daughter dancing to Michael Jacksons Thriller. She gets most of the moves and she just turned two! - Algo así no debería grabarse con esa calidad de mierda! En ocasiones como ésta es cuando nos damos cuenta de que deberíamos valorar más nuestras propias obras.

My 4 year old son's imitation of Michael Jackson's Thriller--he even wore his mom's satin bonnet to imitate Michael's hair

Layla Janes, 4.

Quincy is a 3 year old that loves Micheal Jackson. Wait 20 seconds into the video before he really starts to dance to Thriller.

Paige, 4.

4 y/o

Incredibly talented 23 month old works on his dance routine to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

18 Month old Vincent getting down!

Baby dancing Thriller

My 3 year old dancing to Thriller...

My three year old little brother dancing to Michael Jacksons Thriller.

Three year old dancing to MJ Thriller

3 year old Billy dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

My baby boy showing off his moves to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

My baby boy loves watching and dancing to Micheal's videos, sorry it's a little dark but could not seem to get it to go lighter. I'm going to try again and re-post. Thanks for watching!!

my lttle cuz dancin to thriller

My little cousin dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller. 3 year old.

My son's way of showing a dedication to the late Michael Jackson by doing the Thriller dance

Niko when he was just a baby :*(

Michael Jackson's Thriller dance moves performed by 3yr old Jaiden Grant

This is our 1 year old daughter, Zoey. Her daddy was playing Michael Jackson's Thriller on the computer, and she just started dancing! Baby's got rhythm!

My baby dancing to MJ's classic

This is a video of my 6yo little brother, who taught himself the thriller dance by watching it 100's of times on TV and Youtube.

thriller dance with molly, vanessa, and sophia

*El original Michael Jackson's THRILLER, aquí:

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